Dickerson, Bakker & Associates Package - Reports Are Emailed To DB&A Executive Search and Recruitment

Myers-Briggs Expanded Overview Profile Report

  • Learn Type Characteristics, Type With Others and Potential Blind Spots
  • Take the Authentic and Genuine Myers-Briggs Assessment Online
  • Actively Participate in your own E-Learning Online Interpretation Session
  • Understand How Your Profile Type Works and Verify Your 4-Letter Type Online
  • Click here to view sample 5 page report: Expanded Overview Profile Report
  • DiSC Classic 2.0 Report
  • This is an excellent overview report to learn more about yourself
  • Understand the strengths and challenges of your behavioral style
  • The report is written in an informal and conversational tone
  • Click here to view a sample of this 23 page report: DiSC Classic 2.0 Report
  • The links to take both assessments will be issued on your receipt

Our Price $109.95