EPIC Sub-Account Overview: 

Originate and administer your own genuine Everything DiSC® reports directly from the publisher's assessment platform!  We make it easy and simple to get started with an EPIC Sub-Account. Just order the number of EPIC credits you need and the EPIC Sub-Account set-up for your organization is FREE!

EPIC Sub-Account Benefits Include:

  • Access to the new Catalyst Everything DiSC Learning and Development Platform

  • 24/7 flexibility and control to originate and administrate your own traditional Everything DiSC assessments and reports

  • Personalization and co-branding of the cover of your DiSC reports and testing Welcome page with your organization's logo and contact information

  • Generate FREE unlimited Comparison Reports and Team View Reports

  • Keep a secure, historical record of all your participant's DiSC reports

  • Purchase EPIC credits on a volume discount basis

  • Access to the Five Behaviors Program for Teams

An EPIC (Electronic Profile Information Center) sub-account is ideal or organizations using 25 or more DiSC reports per year. It is also ideal for high-volume consultants and trainers who would like to have their own logo and contact information on the cover page of the reports to brand their services.

Your FREE EPIC Sub-Account will be fully operational within 4-6 hours of placing your order during regular business hours.  We also include a FREE 30 minute virtual training session so you can quickly begin to administer DiSC assessments from your EPIC sub-account! We will make sure you feel comfortable managing your own account and we are always here to answer any questions you may have!

Please note that our EPIC sub-accounts are intended for United States and Canadian organizations only.  For organizations outside of North America, please contact your local or regional DiSC provider for more information about EPIC sub-accounts.

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EPIC Credits Charged Per Report:   

Report Credits Per Report
Everything DiSC Workplace Profile  15
Everything DiSC Management Profile  25
Everything DiSC Sales Profile  25
Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile  25
Everything DiSC Agile EQ  25
Everything DiSC Productive Conflict  20
Everything DiSC Facilitator Report for Teams 25
Everything DiSC Group Culture Report  25
Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Facilitator Report 25
Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Group Report 25
Everything DiSC Comparison Reports  0 (FREE)
Everything DiSC Team View Reports  0 (FREE)
Catalyst Everything DiSC Workplace 15
Catalyst Everything DiSC Agile EQ (add on) 10
Catalyst Everything DiSC Management (add on)  10
Five Behaviors: Team Development Profile (w/DiSC)  35
Five Behaviors: Personal Development Profile  25
DiSC Classic 2.0  15
DiSC Classic Facilitator Report  25
DiSC Classic Group Culture Report  25